I will donate 50% of my sales to Support my dear friend Mimi Bertrand.  Here is her story. 

Hello, Go Fund Me Angels! My name is Dana Elise Singer. My close friend Mimi needs your help quite urgently.  She is a disabled mom of 3 amazing grown kids(who doesn’t think their kids are amazing, right?) But, truly they ARE! She is so very proud of the people they have become. Unfortunately, Mimi endured a blunt trauma injury that left her disabled in 1997.  It was life changing.  She was diagnosed with a horrific disease called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) which is rated the MOST painful disease known to man!  The McGil pain scale rates it TWICE the pain of stage 4 cancer and more painful than amputation without anesthesia! I pray none of you EVER has to find out how debilitating this disease is! It effects and damages her entire nervous system in Mimi’s case.  

She was also recently diagnosed with HOCM; a genetic heart disease that took the lives of her Grandma, Dad, and Sister.   Mimi’s Brother has also been diagnosed and is awaiting a heart transplant.  Yes, Mimi is scared to death, and this stress she is enduring only makes her more medically fragile!

She has ALWAYS been involved in music. Mimi’s ‘Gramps,’ as she affectionately refers to him, played drums with many of the "old timers" like Harry James, Count Basey, The Duke!  Mimi always loved singing and writing as well as working for promotors putting on concerts with headliners like Santana, Doobie Brothers, Ambrosia, Tower Of Power to name just a few. Mimi has donated thousands of hours of time to help her community enjoy amazing music. Mostly, the donated hours are for fundraisers for important causes such as feeding the hungry and clothing people. Moreover, she also helps many different charities, schools, and performing arts non-profits.

In addition, Mimi also makes jewelry and has donated hundreds of pieces to multiple fundraisers over many, many years. She has further given so many more away to friends and strangers she has met on Facebook and such. Furthermore, Mimi has served as an advocate to other people living with RSD. She has given countless hours of her life away to help others cope with this awful disease. Mimi even helped me, and I went on to become an advocate. She is a warm-hearted and loving soul who gives of herself despite her own difficult circumstances. Mimi believes ‘Giving is good!’  It makes her feel so good to give.   And working on the pieces is good for her mind and her body. Now, it is time for all of us to give to Mimi.  She NEEDS your help NOW!

In 2008, because of the very modest amount Mimi receives on social security, she applied to modify her home loan with Chase Bank, because the loan was an interest only-adjustable rate loan. (NEVER good!) After continuously reapplying for four years, Chase finally did an "Unprecedented" permanent forbearance in 2012. Mimi received a call from the 2 ladies who had been working diligently to help her, especially because they were so touched by my story. Mimi can never forget the call where they said, ‘They had the BEST Christmas present Mimi would EVER receive! She didn't have to worry about her house payment EVER again!’  Over the next month, the two ladies explained to Mimi how the bank was able to come up with such an accommodation. They even made a home visit to Mimi’s house all the way from CA, because Chase Bank did not exist in NV at the time.

Since 2012, Chase Bank had upheld the promises they made to Mimi; however, in September 2017, she received a call from Chase Bank stating she needed to ‘re-modify her mortgage.’  Mimi explained to the representative she ‘maintained a permanent forbearance since 2012.’   Chase Bank’s reply was, ‘Chase Bank does not do permanent forbearances!?!’ Mimi went on to explain ‘they had made an exception, because of her unusual situation.’  You see, as the two ladies had explained to Mimi in that month after their call,  she was in the ‘unique position of making a significantly low income ‘($751 a month) but, she had a ‘substantial amount of equity in her home;’ therefore, Chase Bank told her back in 2012, ‘the numbers workout even on both sides,’ thus the unprecedented forbearance was viable.  

Effectively, Chase Bank issued Mimi the equivalent of a reverse mortgage well before she was 62 and age-qualified for one.  Chase Bank dismisses Mimi’s claims.  They further stated that they ‘sent Mimi modification papers in April 2017, which included a clause whereby Chase Bank would forgive Mimi for all monies owed since the 2012 forebearance became effective.’  Mimi did not receive this packet from Chase, and Chase Bank has now withdrawn the clause in the agreement to forgive the $16,000 that has accrued since 2012.  Furthermore, Chase Bank does not believe Mimi when she says she did not receive the package in early April.   When she said she did not receive it to the Chase representative inquiring about it, the representative replied, “Oh, I am sure you didn’t!,” in a most sarcastic fashion.  Basically, Chase Bank is calling her a liar, despite the letter Mimi’s neighbor wrote stating Mimi was not even home from April 4th to April 8th; exactly when Chase Bank said the FedEx was delivered. You see, Mimi’s neighbor and her teenagers took care of Mimi’s house and horse while Mimi was out of town.   As a result, Chase Bank is penalizing Mimi for not receiving a package when she was out of town by rescinding the favorable terms of the April 2017 modification agreement.

Yes, Mimi has a horse, but you MUST understand! The photo above says more than words ever could about Mimi and her horse.  She has 37 year old therapy horse/bff to think about.  Ol’ Beau and Mimi have been a team for 30 years!  He is her therapy horse as well as the reason she is still alive and she his. They are peas and carrots. They push each other to keep fighting. She loves him more than words could EVER express.  Mimi has described her relationship with Ol’ Beau to me as, “The longest love affair of my life.”  During one of the 60 or more hospital stays Mimi has endured, sadly she was catatonic for several weeks.  When Mimi awoke, the nurse said she was ‘asking for her son.’ Mimi asked her ‘which son,‘ because she has two? The nurse looked at her with a quizzical look and said "Well, Beau?!’  To which Mimi answered ‘that is my horse!’  Speaks volumes also, right?   As much as Mimi loves her children, Ol’ Beau has been with her every step of this disease!  Too often people disregard their animals when they are no longer of service to them.  It breaks both Mimi’s and my hearts!  Bet it breaks yours too?  Beau gave Mimi the best years of his life and still gives Mimi love, strength, courage, and physical assistance. It is only right, decent, and humane to allow Mimi to honor him and do EVERYTHING in her power to give him a good life until his last days or as long as she is medically capable to do so.

Okay, back to the Fall of 2017 and Chase Bank. After a few conversations, Chase sent Mimi papers again to fill out for another modification agreement making no sense, because they had already approved her for one in April.  She received them on November 28th and had only 45 minutes to sign them, then she had to take them and fax them to Chase Bank that same day with a ridiculously short deadline.  On December 13th, Chase Bank called Mimi at home to indicate they received them.  

Unfortunately, Mimi was having a particularly bad pain day and was a mess...crying.  Chase Bank asked her if she wanted them to call her son, who incidentally has all the proper permissions to speak with Chase Bank on Mimi’s behalf, because she is in the hospital often. Moreover, stress exacerbates the disease tremendously, and the dystonia the disease causes often makes it difficult for Mimi to speak or think clearly at times, especially when stressed. Believe you me, this situation has Mimi extremely stressed unfortunately.  On December 22, 2017, Mimi received 4 different letters from Chase, all written and dated December 13th from the Chase representative who had called that day. The first letter she opened stated Chase was making a decision on the loan modification. The second letter stated they approved Mimi’s loan modification. The third letter stated Chase is going to approve the loan modification. Finally, the fourth letter Mimi opened stated Chase Bank has revoked their approval of the modification, Chase Bank demands $22,500 by January 15th, 2018, and Chase Bank has initiated foreclosure proceedings. As you can only imagine, Mimi is freaking out!  

This is her home, her life, her heart!  Home is where the heart is and where Ol’ Beau is.  Furthermore, Mimi cannot just pack up on her own and sell.  She is medically too fragile to do it on her own, if at all.  She is too medically fragile to be homeless, nor should she be because of corporate greed and bad faith.   How can Chase Bank act with such Bad Faith even beyond the facts given here and make Mimi possibly homeless?  As far as possibly moving elsewhere, all Mimi’s doctors are in her surrounding area.  It can take months or even longer to find replacement doctors elsewhere when you have the type of illnesses Mimi unfortunately has.    So, Mimi cannot just pick up and leave.

Chase Bank has put Mimi through HELL. They made multiple promises, and they are not standing by any of them.  They are acting in bad faith and punitively toward Mimi for no called upon reason.   This seems to be the typical tactics of big banks.  They make assurances, then they revoke their promises and financially devastate the average man, let alone a disabled woman.  They befriend you and work with you, then pull the rug out from under you when you are most vulnerable!  It is WHY Mimi and I have come to you all! Between us, we CAN form a strong army of little guys and beat Corporate America.  

PLEASE consider helping Mimi and Ol’ Beau?  I can not imagine them apart, nor should I have to. Worse yet, I cannot imagine Mimi homeless with nowhere for Ol’ Beau.  Chase Bank should be forced to honor their guarantee to and arrangement with Mimi going back to 2012. The Corporate World should be required to honor their words! Anything you can give to help Mimi is deeply appreciated! Please share this via social media, email, and word of mouth or any other way you can think of to share it!  

Together, we CAN save Mimi’s home!  Mimi has always had the mentality of "Pay it Forward" and has never asked for help.  There are so many of you out there I know who, like me, were helped by Mimi.  She gives tirelessly of herself even when she is medically frail.   For example, she pushes herself to make jewelry for a fundraiser where she pledged to donate some of her handmade jewelry back when her health was more stable, yet Mimi would never let anyone down.  We  each need to return all her acts of kindness with one of our own acts to help Mimi, because now she is asking!  We thank you form the deepest depths of our hearts and souls!  G-D Bless us all! 

Much love and gratitude! 

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