Each dollar you give goes directly to our ministry.  Your kind contributions provide bibles, hymnals, tracts and other ministerial supplies.  As you know our ministry depends solely on donations; as we do not request or solicit funds from those we serve.
My current need is for bibles and hymnals.
I have taken on the responsibilities for Sunday Worship services at the Wellstone Retirement Community in Mission, KS.  The current attendance is about 15 people but we expect to grow as the year ends.
Our services at Greenwood Retirement Community started out with the same number and grew past 30 people in regular attendance over the three years we have served the Community.
Any assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Proverbs 11:24  One gives freely, yet grows all the richer; another withholds what he should give, and only suffers want.

The Gospel Message

The Gospel

God's deepest desire is that the lost would be saved and restored into perfect relationship with Him. Not only did He prove this by sending His Son Jesus to die in our place, taking away our sins, but He made the way for this to be accomplished! Romans 10:8-9 delivers the Gospel so beautifully and simply: "This is the Message of faith that we proclaim: If you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord", and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you WILL be saved."

God made salvation (eternal life in His Presence) both impossible and attainable; impossible by the works of man, but attainable and irrevocable by the Grace of God. "It is by Grace you have been saved through faith. It is the Gift of God, not of works, that no one should boast." (Eph 2:8-9) We all have a fatal condition known as sin, but God's Grace is the medicine that heals us. Faith is the I.V. through which the medicine of Grace is administered.
The Promise

If you are unsure of your salvation, the Bible shows us that we can be sure because of God's Promises to us. "If you confess with you mouth, "Jesus is Lord", and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you WILL be saved." "For God so Loved the world that He gave His one and only Son (Jesus) that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send His Son into the World that He might condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through Him. Whoever believes in Him is not condemned..." (Romans 10:9; John 3:16-18a)
The Invitation

Not only does God save us when we believe, but He SEALS us for the day of Redemption by His Holy Spirit! He KEEPS us from falling away and will present us blameless before the Throne of God with great joy! (Eph 1:13; Jd 1:24)

My friend, if you have put your faith in Him, why would He deprive Himself of the glory of receiving you into His Presence to joyfully praise Him? He wouldn't! You matter enough to die for, and you are Loved! If you have never experienced the Love of God, pray this simple prayer with me:

 "Jesus, I confess that You are the Lord. Please give me Your Holy Spirit, come into my heart, and save me by Your Grace. You died for my sins, and rose from the grave to give me life. I am yours, In Your Name I pray, Amen."

If you prayed this prayer with me, you have something to be really excited about! You are forgiven and you have a home in Heaven with God! No matter what anyone says, you can point to what GOD said in the Bible, and know that you are saved into eternal life! Not only this, but God sealed you in Himself with the Holy Spirit! In this world there are those who will attack you, just as they attacked Jesus.

These attackers are both physical and spiritual, but God is greater than them and He is on your side! The Bible says that when you put your faith in God, He gave you the Gift of HIS Righteousness! You don't have to be good enough! He MADE you good enough by applying His Own Perfection to your account!

I am so happy for you, and pray that you would be blessed, protected, and greatly encouraged!
My Advice

I recommend that you find a good church to be a part of that teaches the things I've just shared, and that the Bible is the Word of God. God gave us the Church to give us strength, encouragement, comfort, relationship, and all good things. It's not about being a "good Christian." I also encourage you to be baptized by your own free will, for that was the example that Jesus set for us
Much thanks to Taylor Hart for the inspiration for this page.

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